Watch Minnesota Vikings vs Dolphins: Preseason week 4 live stream info

Watch Minnesota Vikings vs Dolphins Live Stream Online Nfl Preseason week 4 live stream info: Dolphins vs Minnesota Vikings game kicks off at 8:00 PM EST in U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Catch the action live online on FuboTV.

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There is only one week of preseason play left before the regular season of the NFL begins and the Minnesota Vikings will host their opener against Adrian Peterson and the New Orleans Saints on September 11, 2017.

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However, there is plenty on the line in the fourth and final preseason game against the Dolphins. Many players are still fighting for spots on the depth chart or even a slot on the 53 man roster this season, making this an essential game for many young players.

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Fans won’t want to miss this game, since there will be a lot of passionate and frantic play as well as another chance to see some of the young, developing players on the Vikings roster.

I’ve made up my mind, but I haven’t told the team yet or anything like that,” Zimmer said Tuesday. “I haven’t told the coaches yet either. After the other night I feel like they should play. But we’ll see.

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If there’s any good news coming out of the line’s performance it’s the fact that Reiff played well enough to not get noticed. The same can’t be said for Remmers, who continued his summer-long struggle to justify being one of the team’s prized free-agent signings along with Reiff

Granted, the 49ers threw more stunts and blitzes at the Vikings than one normally sees in a preseason game. But the offensive line, particularly the right edge, shouldn’t have looked so discombobulated by it.

“That’s what’s tough about the preseason,” Remmers said. “You never know quite what they’re going to do because you don’t game plan for it. They brought some unique looks, but we still need to be able to pick those up better than we did.